Discovering Multilinguistic Trends for the younger generation

Understanding how multiple languages helps with brain development in children

Why Choose to study another language?

Multilingual Advantage

We believe that exposing children to multiple languages from an early age has numerous benefits. Research shows that language learning enhances cognitive development, improves problem-solving skills, and enhances memory retention.

Cultural Appreciation

Language and culture are intertwined. Our language classes provide a unique opportunity for children to explore different cultures, traditions, and values. Through engaging activities, stories, songs, and games, your child will develop a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity.

Native-Speaking Educators

To ensure an authentic language-learning experience, our classes are led by qualified and experienced native-speaking educators. These dedicated instructors not only possess a deep understanding of the language but also have a passion for sharing their cultural heritage. They create a nurturing environment where children feel comfortable practicing new words, building vocabulary, and developing conversational skills.

Interactive and Engaging Lessons

We make language learning fun and engaging! Our curriculum incorporates interactive lessons and age-appropriate activities that cater to the developmental needs of young learners. Through games, role-playing, storytelling, and multimedia resources, we make the language-learning journey enjoyable, interactive, and meaningful. Children will actively participate, building confidence and fluency along the way.

Seamless Integration

Language classes seamlessly integrate with our play-based learning approach. We believe that learning happens best when it is connected to real-life experiences. Our educators incorporate language learning into daily routines, songs, and conversations, allowing children to apply their new skills in a practical context. This integration ensures a holistic educational experience that enhances language proficiency in a natural and meaningful way.

Building Foundations for Future Language Learning

By introducing Arabic, Hindi, or Malayalam at an early age, we lay the foundations for future language acquisition. Learning one language makes it easier for children to learn others later in life. The cognitive and linguistic skills developed during these classes provide a solid base for further language exploration, opening doors to new opportunities and expanding your child’s global perspective.

Our Classes


As residents of United Arab Emirates, it is mandatory for all our students to learn Arabic. Starting early helps them understand the language and pick up skills really well. Our Arabic classes ensure that kids are able to understand the language and speak effectively with confidence. We offer one of the best Arabic language classes in Dubai, taught and trained by native Arabic speakers.
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Our Arabic tutors are native Arabic speakers who are well versed with spoken english as well. This will ensure that students have zero difficulty communicating and understanding. Practical sessions will ensure that learning is not just text book oriented but more communicative and real-life efficient.


With an influx of Keralites in Dubai, it seems only fair to organize Malayalam classes for these students. We offer one of the best and authentic Malayalam language classes in Dubai. It helps them connect better with their culture and mother tongue. Having the ability to read, write and understand the language will help them to connect with their peers back home.
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From the land of Kathakali and Mohiniattam, we would love for our students to be able to communicate with their friends and family in a language that reminds them of home. Our tutors are native malayalam speakers who are well versed in English as well to ensure that their understanding is perfect.


As a culturally diverse community, Dubai is home to many nationalities. Knowing Hindi is advantageous as it allows you to communicate with different nationalities like Bangladeshi, Pakistanis, Nepalis and Indians. Learn Hindi from authentic sources.
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Speaking the language and being able to understand makes life simple and easy in Dubai. Our tutors are native Hindi speakers and will ensure that you’re trained well to put the language to practical use. At Shammar, we offer one of the best and collaborative Hindi Language classes in Dubai that helps students interact with other nationalities.


Followed by English, French is the second most commonly used language across the globe. Learning the language early makes it easy to grasp for students who wish to pursue their masters abroad. We offer one of the best French language classes in Dubai.
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Our French tutor is a native speaker and helps our students to understand the nuances of the language really well. From genger variation to practical use of the language is all cover in our extensive training modules.